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Winesburg, Ohio; A Group Of Tales Of Ohio Small Town Life

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The writer, an old man with a white mustache, had some difficulty in getting into bed. The windows of the house in which he lived were high and he wanted to look at the trees when he awoke in the morning. A carpenter came to fix the bed so that it would be on a level with the window. Quite a fuss was made about the matter. The carpenter, who had been a soldier in the Civil War, came into the writer's room and sat down to talk of building a platform for the purpose of raising the bed. The writer had cigars lying about and the carpenter smoked. For a time the two men talked of the raising of the bed and then they talked of other things. The soldier got on the subject of the war. The writer, in fact, led him to that subject. The carpenter had once been a prisoner in Andersonville prison and had lost a brother. The brother had died of starvation, and whenever the carpenter got upon that subject he cried. He, like the old writer, had a white mustache, and when he cried he puckered up his lips and the mustache bobbed up and down. The weeping old man with the cigar in his mouth was ludicrous. The plan the writer had for the raising of his bed was forgotten and later the carpenter did it in his own way and the writer, who was past sixty, had to help himself with a chair when he went to bed at night.

The Wine Savant

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Today’s dynamic wine culture calls for a different kind of wine book. The Wine Savant is just that: punchy, polemical, and brimming with insights to educate and entertain beginning wine drinkers and seasoned oenophiles alike.

Never has the wine world had so much to offer, and never have smart decisions about value, quality, grape, and season been so difficult to make. In The Wine Savant, Michael Steinberger tramps through the world of contemporary wine—from three-buck Chuck and bucket-list Bordeaux to bottle speculators and biodynamic wineries—to give the inside scoop on the key concerns facing the new generation of wine lovers:

  • Why is California suddenly cool again?
  • What’s really the difference between a 95-point wine and a 94-point wine?
  • Why is Burgundy ascendant and Bordeaux suddenly so passé?
  • What’s a biodynamic wine, what’s a natural wine, and should you care?
  • Do food and wine pairings still matter?
Featuring expert buying guides—including the New Kings of California and the World’s Great $25-and-Under Bottles—and tips on tough-to-pair cuisines like Indian and Japanese, The Wine Savant is the perfect guide to today’s often-bewildering realm of choice: ferociously opinionated and committed body and soul to enjoying every glass.

About the Author

Michael Steinberger is a James Beard Foundation Journalism Award winner and the author of Au Revoir to All That: Food, Wine, and the End of France. He has written for the New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, and Vanity Fair and is the wine writer for Men’s Journal. Previously, he was the wine columnist for Slate.

The World's Shortest Wine Book

RRP $18.99

First of all, you should know what The World's Shortest Wine Book is NOT... It's NOT a worthy textbook containing more information than anyone normal could ever need. It's NOT a banal go-and-buy-this-without-using-your-brain guide. And it's NOT a book recommending wines that you either can't find or can't afford. Not that award-winning author Simon Woods has anything against those types of book. It's just that he wanted to write something for normal people, as in those who enjoy wine but aren't too precious about it. So in this guide to 21 ways to get more out of a bottle of wine, among other things you'll discover: What is the Punk Rock of wine When & why you should keep red wine in the fridge The ins-and-outs of Five + One Why more wine merchants should be like Julian What the Village People, Tom & Jerry and Sausages have to do with wine... Discover why Simon gives fortified wines the thumbs-up and special offers the thumbs down. And what cold tea and cola have to teach you about wine. Shoe-horning all that information and more besides into the 21 chapters wasn't easy but Simon Woods has just about managed it (although there are three extra chapters out there somewhere, as readers will find out. "Simon's writing style is lively, interesting and balanced. He's jokey without being forced, and critical without being an iconoclast. Best of all, he talks good sense" - Jamie Goode, Wine Anorak. To read more good sense - and give your wine life a major boost - just click 'Add to Cart' above.

Sant Agusti Church Acoustic Rehabilitation

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Like Fine Wine Omnibus

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GILF Erotica (with bonus books) I wanted to have a young lover. Someone helpless, sweet and eager to please. He looked like an angel. He had darling blue eyes. But used me like a street hooker. I was older, educated, and respected. A rich Jewish lady. Still, he made me do kinky things in bed. But I liked it and wanted more!


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