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House Of Godwine

RRP $367.99

Harold Godwineson was king of England from January 1066 until his death at Hastings on 14th October of that year. Although he was not the only candidate for the succession to the childless King Edward the Confessor, Harold had a far stronger claim than William of Normandy to the throne. For much of the reign of Edward the Confessor, who was married to Harold's sister Edith, the Godwine family, led by Earl Godwine, had dominated English politics. In The House of Godwine Emma Mason tells the turbulent story of a remarkable family which, until Harold's unexpected defeat, looked far more likely than the dukes of Normandy to provide the long-term rulers of England. But for the Norman conquest, an Anglo-Saxon England ruled by the Godwine dynasty would have developed very differntly from that dominated by the Normans.

The Beverage Manager's Guide To Wines, Beers And Spirits

RRP $319.99

The Beverage Manager's Guide to Wines, Beers and Spirits, Third Edition, navigates the reader through an intriguing journey on the vast world of alcoholic beverages. The text serves as an authoritative guide intended to inspire those individuals pursuing or enhancing a career in the food and beverage industry; the book will be equally fascinating for the beverage enthusiast. Written in a lively and engaging literary style, that is both comprehensive and yet concise; exploring the essential management and service aspects of drink. Designed to be intellectually appealing, with stimulating photography while providing the necessary knowledge on building and sustaining a profitable beverage program. This read provides marvelous insights into the beverage industry by discovering the sometimes perplexing, yet enduring influence of wines, beers and spirits that have been inseparable from the evolution of civilization.

Wine-dark Dreams - A Bermuda Nights Novella

RRP $16.99

Amanda's idyllic tropical vacation to Bermuda has morphed into a battlefield. Her passionate nights with Evan send her ex-boyfriend, Jeff, into a jealous rage. On a cruise ship, there's nowhere to run - and few places to hide.

Even worse, revelations about the band's dangerous history put Amanda and Kayla in deadly peril.

Amanda must delve for hidden strength she never knew she possessed. And she'll have to trust in the one man she has the most reason to fear - the man whose touch can cause her to lose all semblance of sanity.

* * *

Half of all proceeds of this novella benefit battered women's shelters.

Wine-Dark Dreams is the second of four novellas in the Bermuda Nights series. Due to the strong sexual content and adult situations, this romantic suspense story is recommended for readers aged 17+. The first three novellas have cliff-hanger endings, which lead to the final novella with a happily-ever-after.

Ophelia adores Boston and has lived in the region for nearly all her adult life. She's worked in Cambridge, hanging out at the Irish pubs and watching sculling on the Charles. She was at the first Celtics game at the Fleet Center and has pub-hopped her way down Lansdowne Street behind Fenway Park. She's seen the Nutcracker at the Wang and savored Locke-Ober before they closed. Ophelia's been on the Boston to Bermuda cruise ship run three times and highly recommends the adventure! Most of all, Ophelia cherishes the spirit of Boston - a unique city unlike any other in the world.

Boston Strong.

How To Build A Saw Sharpening Business (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to launch and run a successful business venture.

Mr. Cheap's Guide To Wine

RRP $18.99

Did you know that boxed wine keeps longer than expensive bottled wine? Or that inexpensive wine, paired with the right food, can have a better taste than pricey bottles? And the screwcaps you find on bargain jugged wine enhances flavor for longer periods of time than corks, giving you more for your money? With Mr. Cheap's Guide to Wine, you will learn how, why, and which inexpensive wines can be as good, if not better, than their pricier counterparts! This engaging and informative guide briefs you on all the secrets of bargain hunting, including: The best wines you can get for $10 What makes expensive wine expensive (and how to get around it!) Pairing wine with food for an inexpensive party Layouts of liquor stores and a crash course in bargain wine Perfect for the sophisticated palate with a tight budget, Mr. Cheap's Guide to Wine is all you need to fill your wine cellar?for less! AUTHOR: Mr. B.A. Cheap is the pseudonym for a noted winemaker, acknowledged gourmet, and all-around bon vitant who wishes to keep his identity hidden.


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